Welcome to Photography World

Welcome to your one-stop blog for all things photography related. We aim to provide you with the knowledge and tools to be a successful photographer, whether your goal is just to maximise your potential for a hobby or career ambitions.

Introduction to Equipment and Hardware

To begin your journey into photography, you need the appropriate equipment. What kind of equipment you should use will depend mainly on what type of photography you intend on pursuing.

We will provide you with the information to help you make this critical decision, as well as give you advice on how to purchase this equipment and from where. The actual camera is not the only equipment that you will need; the lens is one of the most essential aspects of photography. We will give you the necessary information to choose the right lens for you.

Types of Photography

If you are considering a career or hobby in photography, you may already have a feeling or idea of the category which interests you the most. Some ideas of subjects are:

  • Fashion
  • Landscapes
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Food and cuisine
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Maternity, newborn and family
  • Sport
  • Travel

Finding your niche is essential; having a passion for what you capture is what will drive you to be successful, and make sure you continue capturing these shots.


Depending on the equipment you choose to use, the software will become an integral part of your photography process. Various software options are available to help you maximise the quality of your photographs. Such software is also beneficial to beginners, who are still learning how to utilise the equipment effectively. Lighting, colours, and sharpness can all be adjusted using suitable software.

How to Share Your Photography

In this day and age, sharing your photography is easier than ever. We have given you some helpful tips and ideas on how to share your works, either with friends or to make an income.