Photography is one of the most popular visual art forms and one of the few that people can easily partake in with little to no experience. While not everyone may have an eye for photography, it is accessible to those looking to try it out as a hobby or career. Trends in photography have seen a surge in the last few years, thanks to the growth of the internet and social media sharing sites, as well as the ease of use of camera smartphones and the myriad of photo editing applications readily available to everyday users.

History of Photography

Photography equipment, uses, and styles have evolved over time. We are lucky to live in an era where resources are readily available and where technology has allowed for the development of ease of use. Prior to purchasing expensive equipment, we have the benefit of reading in depth reviews of the equipment in order to educate us on making the best purchase.

In what is considered a relatively short period of time, we have moved from traditional 35mm film cameras to sophisticated digital cameras that provide functions to produce the most professional of photographs. Coupled with modern photo editing software that is regularly updated, professional and aspiring photographers now have a wealth of information at their disposal.

Purpose of Photography World

The purpose behind Photography World is to provide photographers with a comprehensive resource that they can utilise to expand their photography knowledge.

We want to make sure that once you have decided to pursue photography, that you don’t get overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge on the internet, and instead have an all-inclusive source of information. Some topics we address on the site include:

  • Types and categories of photography
  • Equipment – what you need and what to consider when purchasing equipment
  • Looking after your equipment
  • Photography as a hobby, income-generating part-time job, and career
  • The best ways to share and store your photography

Most photographers will recommend that a budding photographer find a mentor, who can answer questions you may have and share knowledge. Photography World aims to fill that gap and provide you with such a foundation of knowledge. Supporting your passion is what will help you flourish.

Remember, if you are starting out – take your camera with you everywhere you go (see our comparison of point and shoot and DSLR cameras with regards to ease of carrying) and capture anything that sparks your inspiration!