Categories of Photography

The list of different types of photography is virtually endless. While it is possible to dabble in more than one, you will likely find your skills will improve, and your passion will flourish if you focus on a selected niche. You may already be drawn towards a specific category, and just need some more information on tips and tricks to grow within that subject. Here we breakdown some key points to think about in choosing between the following categories.

Fashion and Editorial

Fashion has long been seen as the glamour category of photography, particularly where one gets to mingle with, and photograph, models and celebrities. This is a competitive field and can take a long, long time to grow your portfolio and become an established editorial photographer.


Food is a hidden gem of the photography world. Many consider food photography a special art form and is potentially one of the more challenging categories. Food photography requires particular attention to props and lighting to create an attractive setting. Good food photography is in high demand and is an invaluable tool to restaurants, food manufacturers, and retailers.


Event photography ranges from nightclub and social events to engagement parties and weddings, and corporate functions. Bear in mind, that this kind of photography will likely result in late nights and busy weekends, as you juggle photographing numerous late functions. Your photographs will likely be shared on social media by event organisers and party-goers, drawing attention to your work, so be sure to include a logo or watermark on your photographs. This type of work is likely to pay well, due to the corporate nature of it, and wedding photography can be profitable but demanding. Photographing sports events can be rewarding and enjoyable, particularly if you have a passion for a certain sport.

Maternity, Newborn and Family

The benefit of this type of work is that it is more consistent and will not involve late nights. However, don’t consider this field if you do not have an interest in babies and small children. Newborn photography, in particular, will require patience and a gentle demeanour.

Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife

Potentially, one of the most rewarding forms of photography is capturing nature’s beauty. No props are needed, with the wildlife and nature being your canvas. This category can see you travelling around the world, to Africa on safaris, the North Pole to capture polar bears or Asian jungles. If you have an undoubted passion for animals, this category of photography will always be rewarding.