How to Share Your Photography

Undoubtedly one of the greatest joys in photography is being able to share your works with others. Whether you are pursuing photography as a hobby, a full-time career, to make a side income, or just capture life’s special moments, you will want to share your captured images. In this modern age, this has become easier and easier. The times of having to wait a week for your local Kodak shop to develop your holiday snaps are long gone, half of which are overexposed.

Storing and Saving Images

While technology is beneficial, one must always be prepared for when things go wrong. Don’t rely on saving your images in one place, because if your hard-drive crashes, they could be lost forever. Always make sure to back-up your images, either in cloud storage or an external device such as external hard drive or USB, or both.

Social Media

Social media has become one of the easiest ways to share your photographs with friends and loved ones. There are too many to name. If you plan on starting a photography blog or business, creating a social media presence is one of the most effective ways to draw visitors to your website or blog. The use of “sponsored posts” can target specific categories of social media users, which will be especially useful to find users looking for your specific niche. The use of hashtags can also draw viewers to your loaded photographs.

Creating a Blog or Website

With some creativity and time, you can easily create your own website or blog to showcase your work. Creating a blog can help create income by giving you a platform to display your work, but also give you a platform to display affiliate links and advertising to provide passive income. If your aim is to start a career as a photographer, then a website will show prospective clients your work, but also give your clients access to your information and pricing.

Sell Photos Online

Various websites will purchase your photographs from you, for use as stock photos, news articles, sports reports or blogs. You can earn an easy £100 selling a relevant photograph to Ladbible and with 36 million followers on Facebook, you can guarantee that one of your works will be seen by many. This can be an easy way to make some extra money, even if you are only partaking in photography as a hobby and need some additional funds.

Online File Sharing

If you begin taking photographs for fees, you will want to share the edited images with your clients. The images will likely be too large to send via e-mail, and that’s where a free online file sharing service comes in. You can load the finalised files onto a site, and then share a link to the file with the client via an e-mail. This will allow you to send numerous images without worrying about whether the send was successful or not. A further benefit after sharing images in this manner is that it limits your responsibility to retain client files for a protracted period of time.

These tips will help you successfully share your own photography, whether you are sharing to show your friends and family your new hobby, or if you are trying to make a career out of the art.